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Transportation in Florianópolis

The transportation hub for Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, is well connected by both air and bus services to every major city in Brazil. The booming tourism industry in Florianopolis has helped to spearhead the development of roadways and transportation networks to make travel in Florianopolis a smooth process for its visitors.

The Hercilio Luz Bridge was the first suspension bridge in Brazil, built to connect Florianopolis with mainland Brazil.

Want practical information on the best and easiest ways to get to, from and around Florianopolis? Check out our Florianopolis Transportation Guide below. Not only do we provide you with some handy facts to help you get from A to B, we also provide contact details for a number of respected Florianopolis transport providers. Don't forget to take a look at our Florianopolis hotels page for some great places to stay for your holiday. Our Brazil Transportation Guide has some great tips on how to get around Brazil.
Florianopolis Transportation Guide

Getting to Florianopolis

By Air

The major airport in Florianopolis today is the Hercílio Luz International Airport which handles both domestic and international traffic. It is located 12 km from the city centre and most large carriers fly daily to Floripa. Budget airlines such as ‘Gol' fly regularly from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. TAM, the national carrier, has flights from JFK International to the Hercílio Luz International Airport through Sao Paulo. Due to the growing popularity of Florianopolis as a tourist destination, air traffic has increased in the past couple of years, forcing the city to rethink. In fact, a brand-spanking new airport which can handle 2.7 million passengers annually is in the pipeline. Infraero and the Brazilian Architects Institute (IAB) chose Mário Bizelli, a Sao Paulo architect, out of 150 other bidders in a public competition, to build the new Florianopolis airport.

For transport from the airport to the city (or from the city to the airport), we recommend Green Path Transfers, who offer eco-friendly airport transfers in hundreds of destinations around the world.

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Flights to Florianopolis

By Car

Driving in Florianopolis
is a feasible option but the distances are great. Florianopolis is 1144 km from Rio, 705 km from Sao Paulo and a 300 km drive from Curitiba. Federal highways BR-101 and BR-282 connect Florianopolis with the other large towns in Brazil. BR-101 is akin to the London to Wales A40. Florianopolis is a picturesque and short drive away from Porto Alegre, approximately taking 4-5 hours and the trip will pass through spectacular beaches that are worth a stop.


- Brasilia: 1,673 km (1,040 miles)
- Sao Paulo: 700 km (435 miles)
- Rio de Janeiro: 1,145 km (711 miles)
- Porto Alegre: 466 km (290 miles)
- Curitiba: 300 km (186 miles)

By Bus

There are regular Florianopolis bus and coach services to Argentina and Uruguay starting from the Rodoviaria Terminal-Av. Paulo Fontes. The faster interstate coaches operate Monday through Friday. Local buses will get you to your destination in approximately 25 minutes and cost about 3 reals.

Getting Around Florianopolis

By Bus

There are nine ‘Terminais de Integração' which form the backbone of the public transport system in Florianopolis. All the beaches are well connected but taking the bus can be an expensive and slow option as many routes require transfers at different terminals. A faster option exists in the executive yellow buses which drive non-stop from the city centre to the beach cities charging R$9 round trip.

Types of Lines

You will have to choose among three lines to travel in and around Florianopolis - the Direta, the Semi-Direta, the Paradora and the Alimentadora or Linha de Bairro. Buses on the Direta line travel directly from Terminal de Integração to the Terminal in Centro.

The Semi-Direta line is similar to the first but buses stop at all the Terminais and stops bus on the way.

The Paradora line, on the other hand, leaves from the Terminal de Integração to the Terminal de Centro and halts at all the stops.

How to Pay

The value of the ticket should be paid to the ‘cobrador' and not the driver. He is the person who operates the turnstile and lets you into the vehicle. Electronic cards called Passe-rápido Cidadão are also available at the Terminal de Integração and the Terminal de Centro. Tourists should first check if they are eligible for the pass, as a proof of residence may be required to sign up for the service.

By Car

A faster, personal and flexible option for travelling in Florianopolis is renting a car at the airport or bus station. In fact, it is an ideal way to explore the numerous beaches and other tourist destinations in Florianopolis and the surrounding area. Narrow roads will test your skill but on the whole it is a fun experience. Good roads with clear signs make driving in this foreign country easier. Car rentals in Florianopolis are expensive but it is always worth it.

By Foot

If walking is your cup of tea, then Lagoinha do Leste, Saquinho and Naufragados at the southern tip of the island are pristine beaches only accessible by foot. Fortunately, the new roads will still not get you there and hiking would be the only option for the resolute traveller.


Airline Company

Gol / Varig Linhas Aéreas
Aeroporto Hercilio Luz Internacional
Tel: 55 48 3331.4128
Website: http://www.voegol.com.br
TAM Linhas Aéreas
Av. Hercilio Luz, 760 Centro
Tel: 55 48 3223.3391
Website: http://www.tam.com.br
Ocean Air
Aeroporto Hercilio Luz Internacional
Tel: 55 48 3234.7290
Website: http://www.oceanair.com.br
Aerolineas Argentinas
Aeroporto Hercilio Luz Internacional
Tel: 55 48 3331.4133
Website: http://www.aerolineas.com.ar

Car rental

Eric Car
R. das Garças, 475 Rio Tavares
Tel: 55 48 9982.2406
Website: http://www.florianopolis-hotels.travel

Car Rental

Hertz Rent a Car
Av Alfonso Dalambert Neto 740
Tel: 55 48 3338.7618
Localiza Rent a Car
Hercilio Luz International Airport
Tel: 55 48 3236.1244 - Fax: 55 48 3236.1248
Website: http://www.localiza.com

Bus Service

Viação Catarinense
Av Paulo Fontes, 1104 - Rodoviária Rita Maria Centro
Tel: 55 48 3222.2260
Website: http://www.catarinense.net
Auto Viação 1001
Av. Paulo Fontes, 1104 - Rodoviária Rita Maria Centro
Tel: 55 48 3222.2260
Website: http://www.autoviacao1001.com.br