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Aloha Jurere 2013 Florianopolis

14 Nov 2016 - 17 Nov 2016

Aloha is a 4 days beach party in Jurere. Tops DJs play every day starting at 1 pm either in the El Divino Lounge or in the Cafe de la Musique. The atmosphere in Jurere gets very vibrant. Book your rooom in Jurere while there is still availability!

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Florianopolis hotels and tours

Welcome to Florianopolis!

Florianopolis is no longer a secret kept by only Brazilians. Every year more and more foreign visitors come to see why this island is the favorite beach destination for Brazilians seeking sun and a vibrant beach atmosphere, combined with world famous nightlife, sophisticated dining and a charming ambience that tends to enchant visitors the moment they arrive in Florianopolis, Brazil. >> Check out our customer feedback and book with us!

The capital city of the southern Brazilian state of Santa Caterina, Florianopolis, will captivate its visitors with its mixture of modern and rustic charms. It consists mainly of one island and many smaller surrounding islands. About 400,000 people inhabit this beautiful city, but during summer the number easily triples as Florianopolis is flooded with vacationers ready to enjoy the great selection of Florianopolis Hotels, the warm Brazilian sun, and cool blue waters of the sea. Our local connection in Floripa, as the island is affectionately known by locals, is readily available with suggestions of the most fascinating Florianopolis tours in and outside of the island! We offer personalized airport transfer and executive or budget car rentalso that you can explore the more of 100 fascinating beaches the island offers!

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has been described as ‘The hippest year-round beach scene in South America.'

Situated just off the southern Brazilian coast, Florianopolis is connected to the mainland by two bridges. The bridge in commission, the Hercilio Luz Bridge, is the longest suspension bridge in Brazil. The older one, although not used any more, is characteristic of Florianopolis, fusing manmade and natural beauty seamlessly. Represented in postcards, this bridge is akin to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and forms a magnificent backdrop to the city when lit in the evenings.

The weather in Florianopolis is of the humid subtropical variety with distinct seasons. Visitors can enjoy the changing hues of summer, winter, fall and spring. Florianopolis temperatures average between 20 ºC and 30 ºC. Florianopolis sits at about 25 m above sea level. Your holiday in Florianopolis is sure to be great with mild year round temperatures, a great range of Florianopolis hotels to choose from, and an atmosphere second to none.

The northern part of the island is developed, with a larger concentration of people, while the southern part is remote. Most Florianopolis accommodations are found on the northern part of the island, as are most Florianopolis tour providers. Commercial fishing is a big employer on the island. Other towns in the area worth visiting are São Jose, Palhoça, Biguaçu, Governador Celso Ramos, Balneário Camboriú, and Garopaba. They are either off the island or on the mainland.

could be called one of those exceptional destinations where the new and the old world coexist happily, offering visitors a large number of Florianopolis tourist attractions to enjoy. December through March, which is the main tourist season in South America, the island offers great beaches which are famous for their surf, first-class shopping, efficient infrastructure, excellent dining and some of the best nightlife in the country. This is in contrast to the island's pristine natural beauty and rustic fishing villages. There are 42 beaches, with great surfing, lagoons, sand dunes, parks, nature trails, and bustling city squares that characterise Florianopolis, and these are just some of the many entertaining things to see and do in Florianopolis. Check out our map of Florianopolis to see the location of some of these great highlights and the many hotels in Florianopolis are able to be booked through our site.

Tourism, especially surfing on any one of the 42 immaculate beaches, is the most important component of the Florianopolis economy. The influence of Azorean customs can be found in everything ranging from the island's architecture and culinary traditions to its religious beliefs. These combined with good town planning and the excellent beaches give Floripa a unique flavour of its own. Join a Florianopolis tour to experience the local way of life. Apart from fun and games, the historical monuments at the Lagoa da Conceição lagoon and Santo Antônio de Lisboa convey a sense of the Azorean past. Over the past ten years, a continuous stream of tourists from the Brazilian towns of Porto Alegre, Curitiba, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro have been visiting the island. Travellers from other South American countries, especially Argentina, take advantage of the direct flights from Buenos Aires, and many international tourists have made Florianopolis their holiday destination. The biggest challenge the city faces today is to manage the large influx of tourists within the limited infrastructure available.

International publications like ‘Newsweek' have called Florianopolis one of the ten most dynamic cities in the world, while ‘The New York Times' described the town as, ‘The hippest year-round beach scene in South America.' The Brazilian magazine ‘VEJA' judged this island town as the best place to live in Brazil. In fact Florianopolis is a second home to many Europeans, North Americans, Argentineans and even Brazilians from São Paulo.

was originally inhabited by Brazilian Indians who were Açorianans. They came from an island off the coast of Portugal. Today the scene is different, with people from various backgrounds living in Floripa. This is the main reason for this is the high standard of living, at least by Brazilian standards. The city provides its residents with good infrastructure, schools and health care, and as tourism increases the number of hotels in Floripa increases, as other tourism services increases the local job market. The unlimited possibilities with regard to adventure sports are also a big crowd puller.

Culture in Florianopolis is divided into two distinct halves. The cosmopolitan and fashionable part is frequented by Brazilian and international tourists. The southern part of the island is rural and rustic where villagers still follow Azorean traditions, have a varied dialect, work on handicrafts and celebrate festivals with communal feasts.

The Florianopolis Pousada Bangalos da Mole is located in eastern Florianopolis on Mole Beach (Praia Mole), one of the most famous and beautiful beaches on the island.

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The Florianopolis Samuka Hotel is located in eastern Florianopolis, at Lagoa da Conceição (Conceição Lake). This is a budget hotel in a prime location that serves breakfast.

The Samuka Hotel is ideal for those who seek to spend their time pursuing water sports such as sailing, wind surfing and kite surfing.

This Florianopolis hotel lies a mere 80 metres from Lagoa da Conceição, the lake.

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The Florianopolis Hotel Praia Mole Eco Village prides itself on its unique location in Florianopolis. This Florianopolis hotel stands right in front of the Mole beach, in a permanent preservation area. Most of the other beaches are easily accessible from here.

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The Florianopolis Rental House Praia Mole Town Home is centrally located, in a safe condominium area, at the Mole Beach in Florianopolis. This Florianopolis rental house has two floors, is fully furnished and well-designed. The first floor has a fully equipped kitchen, living room and an outside area with a barbecue space. The second floor has three comfortable rooms, one of which is the master suite with a private balcony. The other two bedrooms have double beds and a beautiful ocean view.

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The Praia Mole Beach Villa is a high-end beachfront home in a gated complex on Praia Mole (Mole Beach). No Praia Mole hotel room compares with its exclusive design and with the breathtaking view that it offers.


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We offer a private airport transfer from the Florianopolis airport Hercilio Luz to your hotel in Florianopolis. The transfer is provided either in executive cars or in executive vans, depending on the number of passangers or the size of the luggage / equipment.

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We provide car rental in Florianopolis at the most economic rate and reliable service. Insurance is included. From basic cars to executive automatic cars can be rented. The cars can be delivered to the airport or to your hotel.

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Surfing, yoga, and relaxing- These are perfectly combined to create your ideal island holiday on Florianopolis.

Floripa (as it is locally known) is the locale for your surfing/yoga retreat. It is famous for its surfing competitions that attract participants from around the world.

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During the summer season in Floripa, there are bike trips every day! We suggest that you explore the beauties of Floripa on a bike, with our English-speaking, experienced bike guides.

There are 3 different bike routes available: South of the Island; Barra da Lagoa, and Cachoeira do Amancio.

The prices include the bike rental for the tour.



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This hike along Florianopolis's most famous coast, the Lagoa da Conceição, takes participants to a fishing village that can only be reached by trail or by boat. The participants will get to enjoy mirror-like water, the Atlantic forest and a village that has preserved the Azorean way of life.

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Welcome to the island paradise !

Florianopolis hotels team

Meet Renata Asprino and the team from Brazil Trails, your local connection in Florianopolis. We are ready to assist you in any way we can to make your stay on the beautiful island of Florianopolis amazing. We are proud to be partnered with whl.travel, a travel company that is dedicated to sustainable tourism, like our company. We are very aware of the damage mass tourism can have on our islands fragile environment and are very active in preserving nature areas and promoting sustainable tourism practices in Florianopolis.


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